Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Craft Warehouse - Glamping DIY Photo Booth Tent

It has been three weeks since my daughter had her birthday party and this photo tent is still hanging up in my backyard. I love it so much I don't want to take it down! It was such a simple project that I had to share it with you!

I picked a fabric that was neutral so that when it was hanging the wrong side of the fabric wouldn't take away from the look of the tent. This fabric is from the Winter Wonderland by Bunny Hill for Moda Fabrics collection, available at Craft Warehouse stores. 


Two panels of 92 inches long of fabric
1 10 inch Embroidery Hoop (remove the outer part of the hoop and save for another project)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
String or Ribbon
Cardboard Pieces and Large Long Nails

Directions: (*Note: this project is easier with two people. Try not to burn your helper with the glue gun like I did - so sorry Becca!)

1. Mark your hoop with a pencil at equal parts around the hoop. (at the middle of the top, middle of the bottom, at quarters, and sixths)

 2. Iron your fabric. Take one short end of one panel (with right sides facing out) and hot glue it to the outside of the hoop at the middle mark. Glue the other end to the other end of the middle mark. Glue the middle of the fabric at the middle of that half. Start pleating the fabric and gluing it so the entire fabric's edge is covering the one half of the hoop.

3. Repeat with the second panel on the second half of the hoop.

4. Take twine and hang it from the top of the hoop and tie it to a tree branch.

5. To help the bottom stay in the ground without ripping the fabric, create cardboard washers by folding the edge of the fabric around a small piece of cardboard and placing it to the ground. Use a long nail and hammer the fabric to the ground. Repeat on all four sides.

To see the entire party including decor and all the homemade projects, visit Craft Warehouse's blog today! It was such a beautiful day with memories we will always treasure!

Create Well: If you ever want your helpers to help you again, try not to burn them with the hot glue gun. (Just sayin').

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Craft Warehouse - Vintage Hollywood Inspired Feather Headband

Vintage Hollywood Inspired Feather Headband @craftsavvy @createoften #headband #diy #photoprop #glamping

I can't stand the cuteness and neither could my family. When I got this little one dressed for her big day Sunday, her outfit wasn't complete without this darling headband. It completed the outfit.

Vintage Hollywood Inspired Feather Headband @craftsavvy @createoften #headband #diy #photoprop #glamping

It was just beautiful. She sat for her photos perfectly while we all clapped and laughed at how perfectly darling she was. We couldn't help it. She is our little princess!

You can get the directions to this headband at the Craft Warehouse blog today!

Create Well: A 15 minute DIY gave me priceless photos and memories.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Craft Warehouse - Lawn Fawn S'more Favors

Lawn Fawn Smore Favors @craftsavvy @createoften #diy #party #favors #smores #glamping

When I sent my husband to get chocolate for my daughter's birthday party he came back with a "pound brick"! How was I to make s'more favors with that? Well, let me tell you - carefully and with a chef knife. After the mess of cutting the squares they turned out pretty cute.

I have the directions on the Craft Warehouse blog today!

Create Well: When making s'more favors always forgive yourself for sneaking a few bites for yourself.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Craft Warehouse - DIY Gold Glitter Vases

We had a fun filled 4th of July weekend! I hope you did too! We celebrated my daughter's first birthday! I can't believe it has been a year already. I feel so blessed to have her a part of our lives. I created several beautiful projects for the party and one of them is featured on Craft Warehouse's blog today! These glitter mason jars are just so perfect and have such shine! The glitter is in a spray can and doesn't come off onto your hands when touched. It is like a miracle.

Check out the blog post here and also a tutorial in making your own flower arrangements!

Create Well: A little bling never hurt anyone.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Heidi Swapp - 4th of July!

Heidi Swapp 4th of July Mason Jar @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp

I just love my husband. We got to collaborate on the post that is up on Heidi Swapp's blog today. Since he is the chef in our family, I asked him if he would kindly make all of my favorite 4th of July foods. Then, I asked for all the recipes so that I could share his menu with you. My part? Making them look pretty!

Hop on over to Heidi's blog to check out the menu that is easy no matter how many people you are having over this coming holiday!

Create Well: A good party isn't just about the food. It is about what was memorable to your guests. If you make the good tasting meal look beautiful, they are more likely going to remember it.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Display Stand

One of my favorite family heritage projects is now on Heidi Swapp's blog! I am so excited to share this project that was featured in Heidi's new ebook, Make Pretty Stuff. You can find this project among others with free project download sheets in the magazine!

All the pages are featured there, but here are a couple of my favorites! This is my husband's great grandmother, Florence, who made the best bread of all the sisters (according to family records).

This was Golda, Florence's sister, who tried to out do Florence's bread - but failed. Ha!

I love the stories that go along with these photos! Photos should always tell stories. They should bring joy, memories, laughter, and most of all leave a legacy.

Create Well: Leave a legacy today.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Magic Medium

I stayed up until 1am working on this layout, like I am some young hot teenager. I climbed into bed exhausted, but happy. I haven't felt like that since my painting days. Mixed media brings the artist back out in me. There is something magical about this new Magic Medium by Heidi Swapp. As you dab it on a stencil, dry it, then spray it with Color Shine, it really acts as magic.

I react every time I use it. Here is a technique I used on the "hello" card on the layout above.

Check out Heidi's blog today where I share even more about this new product!

Create Well: Take time to create and have fun doing it, it brings out the teenager in all of us!
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